2021 – Always Forward

CTC continues to break records in 2021

30,900 therapy hours

Given to 776 children

17% increase

In new referrals since last year with 421 new kids served

850 free screenings

850 Developmental screenings performed

2050 Participants

In our 253 free developmental playgroups

Even before we were living in a pandemic, the CTC community lived in a world of constant challenge and constant adaptation.

Some of these adaptation skills our team learned in school, becoming licensed speech, occupational, and physical therapists.  But in 2021, coping with the new normal of the Coronavirus has taken CTC’s adaptation skills to a whole new level.

We didn’t have to look hard for inspiration on how to adapt. The kids we work with every day remind us how important it is to keep moving forward, no matter what obstacle we face. So, I guess you could say we followed THEIR lead in this aftermath … and in that space, we found innovative ways to deliver quality therapy. We found new places to meet, we redefined what therapy had to look like. With inspiration given by the kids, we found new ways of making the CTC magic happen.

And now we’re working in a new normal hybrid mode, where we work flexibly in homes, in the clinic, at schools, at parks, and sometimes even on Zoom–because for some families, that still works best.

Our commitment hasn’t changed: we provide intervention to any child regardless of their ability to pay.  What has changed is how many times we have to remind ourselves to always. Keep. Moving. Forward.

Please consider making a small donation to help CTC keep moving forward.

Thanks for everything you do for CTC. We couldn’t move forward without the kid’s inspiration and your support!