Meet the Children’s Therapy Center Staff

Christina Michel-Albers

Executive Director & Speech-Language Pathologist

Working with children keeps you on your toes. Just when you think you know what they are going to do…they do something different. Young children’s growth and development is limitless. I love to see children defy every odd place before them. The kids at CTC inspire and teach me every day about perseverance and determination. To be a part of the CTC is amazing, I have never been a part of a more dedicated & talented group of people who work tirelessly to help children achieve their goals!

Maggie Donegan

Speech-Language Pathologist


Being a part of the CTC team allows me to do what I love, work with children to help them be happy and successful. It is a privilege to work along side such a great group of professionals that share my passion for improving the lives of children and their families.

Adriana Lopez

Clinical Administrative Assistant

Being at the front desk I get to greet all the kiddos and see their happy faces, which I love. I also get to see the dedication and genuine connection the team has toward each child. Most of all I love knowing that children’s lives are being changed for the best.

Adri Rivas

Occupational Therapist

Being a part of a child’s journey as he/she is discovering new ways to
adapt and use their skills is an incredibly rewarding experience. I love seeing the growth and learning process that each child grows through and being able to be there for them to celebrate all of the big and small accomplishments. Seeing the joy on the parents’ faces as they watch their child grow and accomplish new things, makes the experience even sweeter. I could not be more thankful to be a part of a more caring and knowledgeable team of therapists at CTC. The support the team brings makes it feel like you’re a part of a big, happy family.

Liz Sardinas

Tribal Early Education and Outreach Program Manager

I think being around children and their boundless energy is amazing. I love watching babies and their parents learn about each other and the world around them and if they have a team of people cheering them on – all the better. CTC is filled with enthusiastic, supportive, skilled and caring people who want to be part of that team for each child, family and
each other.

Jovany Estrada

Speech-Language Pathologist

My favorite part about working for CTC is having a positive influence on a child’s natural development, and providing assistance to families in the form of information, guidance, and support.

Nicole Mion

Help Me Grow Community Outreach Specialist & Infant Development Specialist

Since beginning at CTC, in 1998, as an aide for all disciplines, while completing my degree, I was able to see, first-hand, the benefits of a multi-disciplinary approach. As a Help Me Grow Yolo County team member at CTC, I have access to the knowledge of Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Early Intervention Specialists, and Social Workers and I get to deliver it to families searching for answers.

Stephanie Okada

Occupational Therapist

I’m lucky to work with an amazing group of clinicians and to be a part of the CTC team. I get to play all day and spend my days with the cutest bunch of kids around!

Sara Pro

Occupational Therapist & Certified ESDM Supervising Therapist

Working with children and their families is so rewarding. I love seeing the creative and imaginative ideas kids come up with, as well as watching them progress and succeed! Being part of the CTC team is like being part of a large family. I am thankful to be part of such a positive and supportive team.

Katie Nguyen

Speech-Language Pathologist

My favorite part about working for CTC is having a positive influence on a child’s natural development, and providing assistance to families in the form of information, guidance, and support.

Staci Bowling

Deputy Director

I love being a part of a team that shares the same passion I have for supporting children and families.

Peri Walker

Speech-Language Pathologist

I feel very lucky to be part of the amazing team at CTC. There is a certain level of dedication that goes beyond most centers. We have the BEST kids and families to work with!! I feel it is an honor to be a part of our clients and their families’ success.

Darsie Fisk

Physical Therapist

I love working with the team of therapists, infant specialists, Alta Service Coordinators, and families at Children’s Therapy Center. The children are adorable, and everyone is so devoted to them. My favorite part of being a physical Therapist is helping children learn to explore their environment, and watching the delight in their eyes as they learn to move on their own.

Shannon Barton

Speech-Language Pathologist

My favorite part of working with children is getting to be a part of some of the most exciting first moments of their lives. The reward of hearing a first word, seeing bubbles blown for the first time or seeing the confidence rise as a child realizes how the sign they just used got them what they wanted is so wonderful. My favorite part of working with CTC team is being around so much energy and passion for children as well as being able to learn new ideas and different perspectives from each clinician.

Andrea Krause

Occupational Therapist

I enjoy witnessing the development of all children and I love helping kids with special needs to overcome challenges. Working individually with children and their families energizes me; I believe this is part of what I was made to do. CTC is an awesome environment of folks who care about little ones, who may be different from their peers. I love being a part of a great group of therapists and support staff whose primary mission is to help.

Julie DeJong

Physical Therapist

I love working with children because they are so eager to get better or overcome a disability to be able to get on with playing and are so hopeful and positive. Working with kids always keeps me on my toes making me come up with more creative treatment options and laugh! I’m excited to be part of the CTC team because I believe that therapy is best provided
in a collaborative environment where the team can assess and address all of a child’s need working together as a team!

Shannon Palomares

Speech-Language Pathologist

I enjoy working in early intervention as a Speech-Language Pathologist because I have the opportunity to meet a variety of families, develop a relationship with them, and help their children reach their goals. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing parents report all the positive changes they see in their children and knowing that I played some small role in that change.

Anna Miranda

Physical Therapist

It is such a joy to share in the experience when our kids gain independence in a skill, however small or large. I love the energy and dedication of the CTC team!

Trish Rayback

Infant Specialist, Certified RecreationTherapist

I’m very grateful to work with such positive & supportive team that shares my passion about supporting and helping children with special needs and their families. My favorite part of working with children is “playing” and through play watching them discover, explore and learn.

Elli Seal-Mayr

Occupational Therapist

I am passionate about supporting children and their families in reaching their greatest potential for learning, play and experiencing a high quality of life. CTC offers a great team of therapists and staff to accomplish that as well as a super fun and interactive environment to do it in.

Karen Griner

Speech-Language Pathologist

My favorite part of working with kids is discovering who they are and giving them a way to express it. Hearing a child’s first words is priceless! Words cannot describe the feeling of seeing a child finally getting his message through and seeing people understanding him for the first time.The best part about working at CTC is being a part of a professional team, who sees a child from all perspectives. I like being a part of a team that share ideas and knowledge.

Keith Haberstock

Speech-Language Pathologist

I am TRULY the luckiest guy to get to work with this amazing team of therapists. After years of searching for the perfect fit I have found my team, my kids, and my families.

Jen Travis

Help Me Grow Program Coordinator

My favorite thing about working with children is being able to co-experience the excitement and curiosity they have about the world. Being a part of the CTC team allows me to be surrounded by like minded co-experiencers who are passionate about their work.

Krista DeZerega-Thomson

Occupational Therapist & Certified ESDM Supervising Therapist

My favorite part of working with children is seeing them develop and learn so quickly before they have developed inhibitions and are open to being silly while working hard to be able to accomplish anything! I love being a part of the CTC team, this is the best group of therapist around. Everyone is highly skilled yet totally approachable regarding treatment ideas, helping and supporting each other. I have never felt so confident and able to seek support from such a group of highly skilled therapist. Everyone truly puts the kids first!

Rika Matsuda

Physical Therapist

All the kids and families I meet in the course of my daily work, always teach, amaze, and give me much reason to smile, to laugh, and to make me realize that life is good. Being part of the CTC team has been fantastic. We all enjoy the same thing: helping the kids, and collectively we do not hesitate to support each other or to share our knowledge, skills, and power that we have acquired through our individual diligence.

Noemi Castro

Client Care Coordinator

I love seeing the kids grow and the progress they make working with the therapist. Its wonderful to be a part of a team where the
therapist love what they do.

Ronit Schwarz

Occupational Therapist

The best part of my job is building a relationship with the child and their family. I love to learn about all aspects of the child, especially their strengths and personality, and then watch how those help them grow, progress, and overcome obstacles. At CTC we all love what we do, we have an incredibly professional team with an amazing positive approach, and we work together to support the families.

Malie Quick

Client Account Analyst

*picture coming*

My favorite part of working at CTC is being part of a positive team work environment!

Emma McLeod

Speech-Language Pathologist

At CTC I am able to work with an interdisciplinary team to help kids and their families grow and learn together. I love being able to help children reach their potential and watch how that growth benefits their everyday lives and the lives of their families. My favorite part about working with kids is that I get to laugh and play everyday- there isn’t a better job in the world!

Kellie Nielsen

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My favorite part about working with children is their resilience and ability to find joy in life. Children are fun-loving, honest, and hard-working. It humbles me everyday to have the opportunity to positively impact theIr lives. Not to mention, they’re pretty cute!

Mayra Gonzalez

Help Me Grow Community Support Specialist

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My favorite part about working with children is that with the knowledge I have, I’m able to help families understand what typical development looks like and when to take action. I have a particular interest in working with migrant families. My favorite part about working with children and being part of the CTC team is the playgroup. I love playgroups because I know that I’m going to be bringing an activity that will be fun and it will also help children learn new skills.

Megan Barnes

Occupational Therapist

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I enjoy getting to know each individual child and their families, and appreciate the uniqueness in everyone I meet. I love that I get to be creative in my work, and am thankful to find it fun, meaningful and rewarding. I am honored to be a part of each child’s journey to increased success and engagement in everyday skills including: learning, playing, feeding, and self-help. It is a privilege to serve our community alongside a large and diverse multi-disciplinary team. Being able to consult with the other professionals enables me to serve my clients and their families better, and provides me with many opportunities for growth!

Brenda Di Gregorio

Help Me Grow Community Outreach Specialist 

I have always had a passion for working with young children, even as a young child myself. From babysitting at a very young age, being a live in nanny through school and studying child development as an adult, every part of child development is just fascinating! I’m always intrigued at each child’s uniqueness and everything that comes with them. From their ability to adapt to just about any situation to striking up conversations about things like dinosaurs, imaginary dogs, sticky fingers… well… pretty much anything! I’m always learning something new with each child I meet. I’m also very passionate about empowering families to be their child’s advocate and helping them find the resources that they need to help them become a stronger unit. That’s what I love about CTC! I’m very excited to be a part of such an amazing group of individuals that work hard on helping children reach their full potential and helping families along the way. My favorite part of this job is being able to work together with so many skilled professionals on a common goal, helping children to be the best kid they can be!

Nicole Glynn

Speech-Language Pathologist

My favorite part about working with children is incorporating their areas of need into play and other routines to help them progress in their skills and show their families how to provide support in a natural way. I love that CTC offers the opportunity to use a multidisciplinary approach to target all areas of a child’s needs effectively and functionally. The team at CTC truly cares about helping children and working collaboratively as a team to provide the highest level of care to their clients and families, while also making it fun!