CTC 2022 – The High Cost of Quarantine

Message from CTC

2022 has been one of the most difficult years ever for CTC, as the true impact of COVID on infants and toddlers becomes clear. Our data shows that children born and screened during the pandemic are much more likely to have atypical development than those born pre-COVID. Watch our video to learn more about how this time has impacted our center and left us short-staffed, amid skyrocketing demand.

Even in the face of adversity, our commitment has not changed. We aim to provide intervention to any child, regardless of their ability to pay. However, this year the number of children in need has grown tremendously. We need to hire three new therapists in order to meet these needs, and we need your help to do it. All donations, big and small, will help us continue to serve our community.

Thank you for your support! CTC couldn’t survive without you.

Over 800 children served in our therapy programs, with 30,900 hours of direct therapy scheduled.

For the 20th consecutive year,  CTC increased the number of children we have served, including 428 new referrals in 2022.

CTC provided 167 free developmental playgroups in 2022, with nearly 1,000 children attending.

CTC provided 888 Free Developmental Screenings to children in our community.

Over 1,400 families served through our Help Me Grow program received information about their child, education about the community, and connections to resources.