The Cerebral Palsy Shredder

As a result of his Cerebral Palsy, David’s early intervention started in infancy at Children’s Therapy Center. He participated in years of grueling physical therapy to help mediate the effects of CP on his motor skills. Over years of therapy, David was faced with many challenges. David met every obstacle, no matter how overwhelming and painful, with determination and a positive attitude. One by one, David started beating all the odds and moving all barriers standing in the way of his goals.

As David grew into his high school and college years, he returned to Children’s Therapy Center; no longer a client, but as a volunteer, then intern. He instantly connected with the children, and had a special way of motivating them to participate in difficult therapy tasks. His presence gave parents a calm and let them see the possibilities their child had, not just the challenges.

David’s college years led him to becoming an author of book that encourages children to reach their dreams, and a fierce advocate and mentor for high school and college students facing disabilities.

David’s personal journey with his disability and its effects, advocacy for those with disabilities, and passion for raising awareness of what CAN be has lead to his perfect calling: The Cerebral Palsy Shredder. David has found not only freedom, but excellence, on the slopes as a competitive snowboarder; on a snowboard he is breaking free from what can be a devastating disability and showing the world that YES HE CAN.