CTC is about Wellness!

LAST UPDATE 3/15/2020: CTC is operational for 1:1 appointments, however larger groups have been cancelled out of extreme precaution. While children remain at very low risk, please know that if you are still concerned about 1:1 contact, and interested in Teletherapy, ALL CTC therapists are equipped with HIPPA compliant technology and are trained in Teletherapy. We are ready to offer this service if your funding agency has approved it—this option has been requested of all funding agencies, but some have not responded to CTC’s request yet, we will keep working! Please call the office at 530.668.1010 if you are interested in a Teletherapy option. As of Sunday 3/15/2020, most school districts have cancelled school and have given us a directive that we are not allowed to serve their students during this closure, in any setting (including Teletherapy). If any of this information changes we will alert families ASAP.

In order to ensure the wellness of our team and our clients, CTC continues to consult  with Yolo County Public Health to identify and implement precautions to ensure the healthiest possible environment for us all. The latest information from Yolo County Health officials can be found here: https://www.yolocounty.org/residents/i-want-to-/county-press-releases

We want to express that the risk of COVID-19 in our population is very low. However, in response the concern, CTC implemented the following precautions on 3/8/2020:

  • General Precautions for all CTC Staff, Families, and Children:
    • Regular hand washing:
      • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
      • Wash the front & back of hands, and the webs of fingers
      • Wash hands before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing,  sneezing, and using the restroom. 
    • Limit touching your face and mouth
    • Limit hand shaking or other close social greetings
    • If you are sick please call to cancel with as much notice as possible
    • Stay home if you have a fever, and for 24 hours after fever
    • If your child is seen at home, and ANYONE in the home has a fever, let us know and maybe the therapist can meet them at another location in the community for the session, have them come to the clinic, or cancel the session as a last option.
    • CTC now has a temporal no-touch thermometer in the clinic. This is a a resource for you, your child, and or anyone else in the clinic.
    • Based on Yolo County Recommendations to avoid mass gatherings, our Monday & Friday Music groups and our Wednesday Playgroup will be cancelled until further notice.
  • Precautions with our Therapists:
    • Regular Hand Washing/Sanitizing
      • In the clinic, wash hands before you enter a session and when you leave a session 
      • For home visits, wash hands when you arrive at the house and before you leave the house
      • If handwashing is not an option, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content
      • Sanitize your hands after you leave a home visit.
    • Use Gloves when indicated
      • Wear gloves when working directly on feeding or oral motor skills, or any other activity with increased risk of exposure to contagions
      • Wash your hands after you remove your gloves.
  • Precautions with Our Kids:
    • As the first therapeutic activity, we will wash hands with all the kids!!! If this is not a viable option, we will ask parents if the child can use a 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
    • If we suspect that a child or parent is sick, we may suggest they take their temperature.
  • Precautions with our Therapy Supplies:
    • For clinic and home visits, we are very vigilant. If a child coughs, sneezes, drools, or mouths anything. It will be sanitized after a sessions.
    • Therapist will NOT BE BRINGING SUPPLIES AND/OR TOYS INTO THE HOUSE. Using this precaution, we will eliminate the risk of taking any contamination from one house to another.
    • If a therapeutic activities REQUIRES supplies being brought into a home (for example, an assessment), we will BRING ONLY WHAT WE NEED, and disinfect them following the session.
  • Environmental Precautions at our clinic:
    • CTC will be disinfecting all high-touch surface areas EVERY morning. This includes: door knobs, treatment tables, all bathroom & kitchen surfaces, keyboards, telephones, waiting room chairs.
    • Until further notice, CTC will move the waiting room chairs to the hallway, placed 6 feet away from each other. Families are to check in then, find a seat and wait for the therapist to call them for their appointment.   
    • After every treatment session,  the therapist must disinfect any surface they have reason to suspect may be exposed to contagions.

Again, children are low risk, so we ask you to assess your own family’s risk factors and respond on an individual basis. Rest assured, that we are monitoring the situation closely and taking every precaution possible to ensure the wellness of our clients and staff.

Please reach out to me directly if any questions or concerns arise at christina.michel@ctchelpskids.org.